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  • Magic Square Puzzles

    Dear all,

    I have created a new kind of puzzle called the Magic Square Puzzle. This puzzle involves both Arithmetic and Logic. A magic square is part of mathematics and it is treated as part of recreational mathematics by mathematicians.

    Even if you solved just one puzzle it would enable you to do mental calculations and also will help you to calculate without calculators in the short term.
    Once the fear factor is removed from the subject then mathematics becomes all the more interesting and you would fall in love with mathematics.

    I have also hosted a website and it has got various features to solve the puzzles.

    I have also come out with several books related to these magic square puzzles on Amazon.

    If you want to I can take a free online session on how to solve these puzzles at this link.

    You can also view an article written about me by THE HINDU a popular and reputed newspaper in India, here

    Given below is an 8x8 magic square created by me which gives 260 in all the eight rows, eight columns and two diagonals. Another magic square of 4x4 dimension is named the Durer square and it is very popular one.​
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