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  • Infuriated!

    I've done the same expletive deleted thing again and left one unsolved overnight, thus making me plummet down the fastest solver leaderboard. Own fault, and frustrating!

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    your so cool
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      I'm not infuriated, just annoyed. Re a Clueless Crossword that I believe cannot be solved because it contains a flaw. I've just sent this email to Admin:
      There's a flaw in one of the crosswords i just did. Across the top the words were: act, exempt, and spin.
      Everything fits except deject going down on the far left and jit is the only possibility across. I assume it should be jot or jut but neither the "o" nor the "u" fit elsewhere if either is substituted for the "i" in jit.


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        That sucks! I know what you’re talking about. That is very frustrating


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          Once again I've lost my 100% record because of a glitch in the software! This is happening much too often. Today, the first crossword just froze before I could even start it. Other times it freezes mid-puzzle, and sometimes the grid just disappears and a new one loads. Of course, there are odd occasions when the error is mine...