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  • Thanks?

    Thanks for updating the crossword puzzle game and making it less playable and less enjoyable. The menus at the top keep taking me to the Jigsaw Puzzle site, can't tell if in competition or practice, the colors are horrible. What was wrong with the old interface?

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    Hello -

    I've fixed the issue now with it sending you to the Jigsaw site incorrectly.

    The recent changes should change nothing major in terms of Crossword game layout except on mobile phones - is it the mobile phone version you don't like or something else?

    Thanks for your feedback,


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      Thank you for answering. I play on a desktop. I was pretty sure the old interface wouldn't let you take a clue if you were in competition play or it warned you or something. Also if a game got interrupted by a connection problem or something like that you were able to replay that game to keep your completion % at 100. I can't find that feature anymore. I've noticed everything going more and more towards the mobile users and i guess it is the way of the future. Anyways, thank you for replying.


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        Ah, thanks for catching that - to be honest I completely forgot to carry over the "Recent Games" feature to the new platform. I will work on that part today.


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          Recent Games has now been reinstalled.


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            Your crossword puzzle is good but the controls are terrible. Why don't you follow SOP and show both vertical and horizontal clues AND go to the next word when ENTER is hit? I try it out once in a while to see if you've become more up-to-date.

            If this is going to an individual, sorry. I didn't see a "button" to post a message instead of a reply.


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              Thanks for the suggestion!


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                I really like your logic puzzles and I even introduced them to my teacher so thanks so much.