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    I understand that hints are not available in competitive mode because that would give an unfair advantage to players, but what if you had the option to click on the hint button to get a hint while in competitive mode, but the puzzle just doesn't count for stats like personal solve rate or points?
    Asking because it is frustrating when I can't solve a puzzle but I don't want to give up on it. Getting a hint when I'm stuck, even if that means not getting any points, would be helpful in my opinion.


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    That's an interesting idea! You should send your suggestion directly to the site administrator, Stephen Ryder, if you want to make sure he sees it. (I suspect he is focused on other game sites and not watching our forum closely, now that he's finished with this site's recent migration.) You can reach Stephen by using the "Questions or Comments" form (at the main cryptograms site, the form is at the very bottom of the page), or by sending an email to


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      As a suggestion - I'd be OK with a limited number of hints per month that deduct from your score if you use them.


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        Very good idea. I'm obsessed with finishing puzzles and VERY RARElY leave one undone. Now and then, I need to use the hints. I've stayed out of the competitive mode for just that reason. I've recently joined competitive, because, if I can't finish a puzzle, I can switch to non-competitive mode and select recent games. It's a lot of work, but I haven't had to do it very often. This sounds so much easier.
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          i could use a hint sometimes. i haven't been playing as much lately, and it seems i've lost my skills!