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  • Automatic Fill in

    Hey ya'll, I was just wondering if there is a setting that allows the letters to not automatically fill in for the cryptograms. I realized I rely too much on the ability of the computer to fill it in for me and it screws me over when I do paper cryptograms.


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    There used to be. I can't find it now. Maybe the vast majority of players were using the auto-fill, so Admin took off the option with the upgrade.


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      An option I guess is to screenshot the ciphers and print them, although having that option would be really nice.


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        What is auto fill ??? All I know is that you solve the message and do it yourself. I certainly have never thought that it could get filled in by something else - that just doesn't make sense or I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to say.


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          Swimgeekgirl means that when you type one letter, for example "E", that same letter fills in automatically for the rest of the puzzle. There used to be a way to turn it off so that you had to manually fill in every repeated letter yourself, as you do in newspaper puzzles. To be able to turn this function off is good for those "super cryptogrammers" who are able to figure out the puzzle in their head and then type it in. Having to skip the letters that fill in automatically actually slows you down in that case.


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            However, that introduces steps that are not much more than a clerical function. Sure, one could miss one or two and that would slow one down, but still, most of the creative work happens at a level above the rote filling in, over and over, of all of one's "e's."