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  • nanrich is the greatest of all time

    Everyone notices bansai's amazing records, and you've got to give gryhnd51 her due for her incredible point total, but when it comes to lifetime achievement -- solve rate, speed, and total points -- I contend that nanrich is the GOAT. Change my mind!

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    I hate to assign a greatest of all time title to any one cryptographer. I respect those you mentioned and to all those who have stayed in long enough and played enough to reach the top 100. You are one of those puffybob, and I respect you. Of the untold thousands of just registered solvers, let alone those who played without registering, that by any definition is in the top 1%. That doesn't happen overnight, and it is a reflection on just how dedicated these solvers are. So without attempting to change your mind, I wish to expand your description.
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      Yes, oddcouple, you're definitely right about all that. Also, there are some greats who didn't stick around. I nominate JCarlosCuevas as the Bjorn Borg of -- we'll never know how great he might have been because he retired too soon. Amazing that he still holds as many records as he did, since it's been almost nine years since he played.


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        JCarlosCuevas came back under a new user handle, I believe. Altoid701, perhaps? Not sure, but he's still great.


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          I could be wrong, but I believe JCarlosCuevas came back as Descifrador. Is that right, Descifrador? I recall you saying that you used to play using a different name.
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            Yes, I was about to say that -- JCarlosCuevas came back after a long time away, as Descifrador, which is Spanish for "decoder". Amazingly, he did not even have a warmup period, but started breaking records again right off the bat.


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              Oddcouple - I want to thank you for what you said above, which gives me hope and inspiration. I so wanna be one of you guys. I want IN! I've only been playing for 2 years or so and am definitely progressing. I'm now at #329, I think? I started out, of course, with some crazily demoralizing ranking ... like #gazillion_and_4 or something.

              So ... well, someday making it to one of the top 100 doesn't seem like a totally unrealistic crazy goal. I'm hoping it will just take time and patience ... cuz those things, I think, I've got.


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                Great to know about JCarlos!


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                  I joined Christmas Day 2012, knowing that I'd never be at the top of the leaderboard. But I did set some goals-First was accuracy, to get as high a solving percentage as possible. Second, to get enough speed to get into the "very fast" category on some puzzles. Third was to be able to set new records on individual puzzles occasionally. And finally, I wanted to see if I could get on the top 100 leaderboard.

                  The first goal came pretty easily. I seldom give up on a puzzle and I'm over the 99% level for accuracy. Most months I now have a 100% Solve rate. The second took me a year to see real results, but gradually I got to the point where today I get into the "very fast" on about 40% of puzzles I solve. Getting a faster computer helped with that one. The third has always been hard. Except for the brief spate of new records a few years ago when a bunch of puzzles were added, I've probably been able to set a new time 25-30 times. It's a pleasure any time I can see the Baron. I'm sure most of my records have been broken by now, but that's okay. The faster computer also helped me with my last goal-top 100. Once I reached the top 100, I started adjusting that goal-top 90, top 80, etc until I'm at number 39 today. And yes, my next goal is top 30, I'm sure it'll take me at least a year.

                  But you know what I found out? Reaching these goals hasn't been the most enjoyable part of being on this site. The three best things on the site for me have been
                  1. Solving the puzzles themselves, and getting some new words of wisdom from different authors as well as humor from others. Plus the occasional Jack Handey/Homer Simpson quotes that always make my grimace.
                  2. The fellowship of crypto-solvers. For the most part (with the exception of a few jerks), this is about the friendliest, most supportive group a person could find. There have been countless users who give insightful comments, some of them to me. And with such a nice diverse group of users, you get a variety of comments on subjects I've never thought about. Sure, we may differ on politics, religion, etc, but for the most part we do it nicely.
                  3. The hilarity and byplay of comments on cryptos makes me smile several times a day and occasionally gets a LOL from me. Llapp started the Classic Comments quote and it's now over 1,000 additions. I've posted some of my favorites to that thread.

                  The nanrich records, the bansai records, the descrifador records are amazing to see on puzzle after puzzle. But the first time I broke a bansai record was an immense feeling of satisfaction. I've also broken nanrich's and descrifador's a few times. Overall I know I'll never be one of the speed demons. But I can't see myself ever leaving Cryptos. The rewards I've gained are immeasurable.


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                    I know exactly how you feel oddcouple. I joined last September and fell in love immediately. Except for the comments that get bogged down in religion or politics (and are therefore nasty), I enjoy the comments and have even come away with new authors to read. The people here, for the most part, seem lots of fun and supportive of one another. I've also set similar goals as you have, and in less than a year I'm already at #42! I do spend 3-4 hours per day, (I once posted a daily time of 2 hours on a different forum post but realized it was not actually true) which sounds crazy and maybe it is, but I never have really enjoyed watching TV. So when the family watches TV, I crypt. As well as during short breaks from the chores of life during the day. It's fun to have the bansai's and nanrich's to try and beat! Not to mention the munchlet's, lacrossesticks' and will's!! This is such a fun diversion and I hope this site sticks around for a good, long time!! See you all at the crypts...


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                      I'm in love with this crowd too ... when I mean I want IN, I'm not really talking about improving my badass crypto skills (though that's nice too, of course) ... I want to be a recognized personality here ... more part of the community. I probably should write comments more often than I do ... that's probably more important in terms of reaching my goal than making it into the top 100 ... but I feel like there's a relationship there between mad crypto skills and being really (really really) part of the group. I'm totally intimidated about participating in the Chat, which seems, really, to include posts only from major players here. You *are* all supportive and cool and that's probably just me. But, you know, it's like walking into a party where everybody seems to know everybody but you ...

                      And yes, there are a few bad apples, here and there, but I'm surprised, constantly, in reading the comments, at the commonalities in POV between you guys who play a lot and write a lot and are so loved here and ... well ... me. I want to have you all over for dinner. I said that in one of these forums when I first started here. I still feel that way. I probably can't fit everybody, though, so I'd probably have to limit it, maybe, to the top 100 ... and so first, I have to *make* it into the top 100. So ... y'know ... all roads, they lead to that goal of the top 100, it seems.

                      Deanna48 - I'm glad you outed your inconsistency above when you said you play 3-4 hours a day, because I was the initiator of the forum (Crypto Addiction) where you posted recently that you play 2 hours a day ...


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                        The funniest part of this particular thread is that Nanrich has not responded! You'd think she'd notice her name in the subject line, but it seems she's very focused on the cryptos. It is rare to see one of her comments.

                        Now I'm going to have to work extra hard to get in the Top 100 and earn an invite to Fudi's dinner party! Don't feel shy about joining in the Chat, Fudi. I am certainly NOT a major player but I jumped right in, and everyone is very welcoming. Actually, I joined in when wvwoman asked me about my avatar, and I was quite shocked to see my name mentioned.

                        I believe someone once said that Bansai has a photographic memory, so that would help to explain his incredible scores. Speaking of Bansai, he hasn't played since July 4 last year. I hope he comes back soon! Deanna, your progress has been amazing to watch after such a short time here! And now that I know that Will is still a teenager, I feel he's going to be rising quickly. If anyone comes upon his 3 second record, let us know what the quote is! This is a great group and I really enjoy the comments.


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                          Fudi and Eureka, when you get into the top 100, it will probably be by knocking me out of it. I've seen my ranking fall from its peak (somewhere in the 60's) to #89 -- and I think I was #88 just last week! I've gotten where I take months away from the site at a time, mostly when things at work get busy.

                          I love the new feature where you can see the top 20 solvers on each puzzle -- it's encouraging to sometimes see myself on the list, even if I'm not #1. I've had my share of seeing the Baron's plane fly by, but I assume virtually all of my records have been subsequently broken by someone else. One feature I'd love to see on the site is to be able to know how many puzzles each user is currently the record-holder on. My records are doomed to always be surpassed, I think, because even though I'm a good solver, I'm a lousy typist.

                          There is only one puzzle -- which I remember from years ago -- that I think I may have a record on that will last. It required both a recognition of the speaker's name and a leap of intuition. I wish I could get that puzzle again and see if I'm still at the top!


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                            puffybob, if you tell us the quote, someone may get it and PM or leave a message for you here in this thread.


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                              Originally posted by Eureka View Post
                              I could be wrong, but I believe JCarlosCuevas came back at Descifrador. Is that right, Descifrador? I recall you saying that you used to play using a different name.
                              Hi! Sorry for not responding to this thread sooner. I hadn't noticed it until now. Yes, that is correct. I lost my password for that account.

                              Originally posted by LLapp View Post
                              Yes, I was about to say that -- JCarlosCuevas came back after a long time away, as Descifrador, which is Spanish for "decoder". Amazingly, he did not even have a warmup period, but started breaking records again right off the bat.
                              Short-lived records! There are so many super fast solvers now...

                              Heh, heh. Sorry, Munchlet and Puffybob!

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