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  • Douple-tapping Enter

    Hey everyone,

    This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine when using this website, and I just wanted to see if was affecting anyone else. Whenever I am finished with a puzzle and accidentally double-tap the "enter" button in quick succession, the results page that pops up is completely void of what you would normally see: there is no record time listed, no top 20, and no puzzle solution smack-dab in the middle of the page. Even the comments are from some other random quote (but they are always the same comments, as I remember consistently seeing some commenter saying that "we need a man like John Adams in politics today").

    Would anyone happen to know whether these solves count as completed or not, and are very fast times that would be records still counted as records even if you don't see the plane fly?

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    Will0416 -
    From experience, I can tell you that, yes, the solution is counted as completed.
    Also from experience, I encourage you to stop a moment to look around when you get there, for you have entered the magical nowhere land fondly called Crypto-Twilight Zone -- where, once you learn to click your heels three times (or do some other trick like hitting "back" and re-solving and submitting the same puzzle), you can visit whenever you like. The comments are 5 miles long, and there are occasional parties with moonshine at Skeeter's place.

    Every cloud has a silver lining, my friend. The John Adams comments at the top may have fooled you, but apparently there was a disturbance in the force after they were posted.



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      Yes, LLapp is right, your solves are still counted, will0416. I've visited many, many times and am apparently the second most frequent leaver of comments there, next to pickleball. This is according to lesliecomelastly, who patiently counted all the comments. I'm sure that Stephen is aware of this glitch but, so far, he has let it be. Maybe one day he'll fix it and then all our parties, philosophical discussions, rants, confessions and stories will disappear forever.


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        I wonder if will0416 has been over there reading the comments thread for the past hour or so. It is definitely the War and Peace of comment threads.


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          I'll miss Crypto Limbo if it ever gets removed. We've held quite a few virtual parties there.


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            I rather like the philosophical discussions, rants, discussions and stories, Eureka - once I caught on to the fact that I was entering "Crypto Limbo" . I hope it stays in existence. Now when I go there, I read the latest comments...


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              Thanks for confirming my suspicions, everyone. I'll have to stop and scroll down the next time I visit.


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                Yes, Lapp is correct. I too have entered that "Black Hole" and actually, I could never figure out how I got there. So thanks, Willo416 for the post! Whenever it happens, I sit here scratching my head and thinking, "there is is again. What on earth did I do?" But I quickly confirmed, at least, that my completion status was not affected.


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                  I got to this post by a double enter . I have seen John Adams list but never scrolled through all of it.