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  • uoy rof egnellahc A

    someonelikeyou@crazy si hcihw fo eno ,stnuocca rettiwT evif dna stnuocca liam-e net revo evah I gnirednow era uoy esac ni dna ,uoy ot pu ti evael lliw I ,uoy tuo ton lliw I tub seman ruoy fo emos wonk I ,seY .S.P

    saxeT ,osaP lE
    uoy knaht ,etis siht ni yalp uoy yhw su llet ro eifles a tsop ,flesruoy ecudortni esaelp si uoy ot egnellahc yM
    elihwa rof enitnarauq-fles no neeb evah I ees lliw uoy sa ,won ekil kool I tahw fo erutcip a tsop osla lliw I ,yaw yna ni uoy delsim reve I fi em evigrof lliw uoy taht yarp dna epoh I dna nac I esoht tsil lliw I revewoh ,taht od ton lliw I 94eitoop ot edam I esimorp a fo esuaceb tub meht fo lla tsil ot tnaw I ,elihwa rof ereh gniyalp neeb evah taht esoht tub ega ton naem I redlo yas I nehw dna ,meht fo emos wonk thgim ereh sreyalp redlo eht fo emos ,sdiresu wef a etiuq detaerc I taht ,emit hcum os ,ereh tneps I emit fo tnuoma eht edih ot detnaw I taht ,pihsdneirf sreyalp rehto eht dna selzzup gnivlos deyojne I esuaceb ylniam ,gniyalp emit hcum os tneps ,sraey fo rebmun a rof etis siht no neeb evah I
    ,egnellahc yM

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    I play here because I LOVE solving cryptograms! ALways have---since I was a kid. Combine friendly competition with fun quotes, wiki entries, player comments and the chat box, and this is the PERFECT site!! I've been playing here regularly for almost 2 years now and I can't get enough. Such fun!


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      Why do you have so many user ids, yzarc? I've seen widowmaker online from time to time but you don't seem to use it to play cryptograms anymore. Maybe you use that ID to play other games. I don't recall seeing many of your other names, but I haven't played that long. I must confess that reading your backwards messages causes me nausea for some reason. Does anyone else have that problem? I can only imagine that you write your messages out backwards and then type them. If you are able to type them without writing them down, that is quite a feat. And if that is really you in the photo, nice hair. I play on this site to exercise my brain, mostly. But getting to know some of the people has been great. I'd agree with everything that Deanna said above.


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        esoj - etisbew eht desu I os gnol oot era eseht tub sdrawkcab etirw nac I sey dna ,etis sdrawkcab lleps a yrt syawla nac uoy ,sdrawkcab gnidaer aesuan teg uoy yrros ht4

        llec ym no meht od ot drah tib a s'ti dna potpal a evah regnol on I esuaceb etepmoc regnol on I dr3

        s'diresu eerht no delttes eW "?sdiresu ynam os yhw" gniht emas eht em deksa nehpetS ,sdrowssap ym lla tsol I revres wen a ot detargim etis eht nehw dn2

        dlab pu ekaw ot gniog ma I yad eno taht em gnillet speek ehs ,won regnol tib a si ti os oga shtnom elpuoc a efiw ym yb nekat em fo erutcip a si taht sey ts1
        snoitseuq ruoy rewsna ot yrt lliw I ,gnidnopser rof uoY knahT
        ,akeruE dna 84annaeD iH


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          Haha, it would have helped if you'd put your fourth point first. Then I could have used that website to read the rest of your message. As it is, I worked my way through it and felt less nauseous, so maybe I just need practice. It's probably good for my brain to do something different anyway.

          So, your wife is threatening to shave your head while you sleep, is that it? I'd sleep with one eye open.

          And I'm wondering why pootie49 didn't want you to reveal all your usernames. But perhaps you are not able to tell me without breaking your promise to her.

          I am not sure why this forum thread does not show up in the usual spot below the chat box. I can only see it when I go into the forum section. I guess it is another one of life's mysteries. This site is full of surprises. But it could explain why you haven't heard back from more people.


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            Hi Crazy. I've just been slow to respond because, well, I can't imagine what reasons anyone could have other than the ones Deanna noted. Maybe we can creatively come up with some.

            I hate solving cryptograms, but I'm a masochist ... so that' s why I play here? I used to just hit myself in the head with bricks all the time, but during the pandemic, it seemed wrong to perform acts that could land me in the hospital where I'd use up valuable resources that could be used to help people who were there not because of self-inflicted wounds. So I settled on playing cryptograms here, which I hate doing.

            (I'm just being silly, of course.)

            I wonder if your wife's name is Hellene ... see my Hellene story in the forum I started about piercings yesterday.

            I am also very curious about why pootie didn't want you to reveal all your user names ... and why you could reveal the ones you did without breaking your promise to her. (But like Eureka said, maybe you can't answer these questions without breaking the promise.)

            Can you reveal why you only type backwards? Is this just something you do here or in all your writing? (Are you ambidextrous too?) When you speak out loud, do the sounds come out in the customary order?

            Nice to meet you ..

            I dunno.


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              esoj - snoitseuq ruoy fo emos srewsna taht epoh ,s'diresu ym fo eno osla ,anilec tub enelleh ton si eman reh dna sdikdnarg xis dna sdik ruof evah won I dna lrig etuc tahT
              .nwod edispu gnitirw emit drah a dah I ecnis sdrawkcab gnitirw detrats I nehw si taht yllacisab os ,nwod edispu ti daer yllautca dluoc I deciton I dna koob taht tuoba gnitseretni os saw tahw ta nwod decnalg I os ,dednopser reven ehs esuaceb reh ta naem I ,reh ta gniklat detrats dna nwod tas I ,koob a gnidaer elbat a ta enola gnittis saw lrig etuc siht ,yrarbil eht ot tnew I loohcs ni kcab yad enO
              .drowssap ro rebmun tnuocca ym nwod etorw reven I no syawla saw ti ecnis dna evah regnol on I hcihw potpal dlo ym no tnuocca regnessem a ni erew yeht ,evah regnol on I hcihw em tnes ehs segassem oidua eht dna reh ssim I ,taht ta ti evael s'tel os tuo gnimoc s'diresu evif rehto eht tuohtiw 94eitoop ot esimorp a edam I yhw uoy llet yllaer t'nac I .htgnel ralloc neve ton ,trohs laer ,oga skeew elpuoc a riah nwo reh tuc yllautca efiw ym ton ro ti eveileb esuaceb nepo eye eno htiw peels ot evah won I seY
              ,iduF dna akeruE iH


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                Well ... that's a very sweet and romantic story, Crazy. What was she reading? And how did you ultimately get her attention?


                • #9
                  Oh ... and I'm sorry about Pootie ... I just started here a few years ago and so never "new" her, but she was clearly beloved and special.