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Should NBA be a word

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  • Should NBA be a word

    Don't know what the exact quote was, but in a session today there was a normal-looking three-letter word that turned out to be NBA. Bruh are we okay with this?

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    If we are okay with TV being a word, we are okay with NBA being a word.


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      Just wait until you come across ones with Latin and Spanish!


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        Should there be puzzles of quotes that contain acronyms?

        To me, any puzzle that can be solved without spending an unreasonable amount of time entering letters at random (which for me is a couple of minutes) and/or without having knowledge of some fact (historical, scientific...), is fair.

        So, for example, “When all is lost, ask the I.R.S. - they'll find something.” (Douglas Horton), is fine with me. Even if I hadn't heard of the IRS before, I could solve the rest of the puzzle and then try out the remaining 11 letters to fill in " I _ S " in a reasonable amount time.

        "ADD - Americans for Donald Duck" (from "YourDictionary"), however, I'd probably skip.
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          I agree with Descifrador. I've seen acronyms with periods between letters before, and I preferred that. I don't know if there are any grammar rules for periods vs. no periods.