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  • Sad greetings from Darkyr

    Yesterday I received a message from Darkyr, who has realized this week that he needs, as he put it, to shed some of his anonymity. His decision comes after a terrible loss, and he says it's okay for me to share his news here.

    In his own words:
    Yesterday, my wife passed of Covid. I saw how many people she knew that were just enough on the fringes that I have struggled to reach out to so they could know what happened. I also realized how many people would only know if something happened to me because of her knowing whom to contact. She wasn't a member of this site. If Covid had taken me as well, nobody on this site would ever have been able to know. . . . Currently I am fine and symptom free, just grieving. I am not expecting that to change, but it has made me aware of how anonymous I am...."

    Darkyr's name in real life is Craig. In their medieval-themed local social group in Phoenix, his wife Elaine used the name "Lightyr." (So that explains Darkyr's username, I now realize.) Per the news posted on their group's Facebook page, Elaine passed away at 2:00 a.m. on January 12.

    Here is the photo of Craig and Elaine, a.k.a. Darkyr and Lightyr, that was posted with the Facebook announcement. My heart breaks for our friend.

    Darkyr & Lightyr (Craig & Elaine McKenzie) 2014.jpg
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    I was so sorry, Craig, to learn of your loss. You and she were a beautiful pair and I, too, am heartbroken. --Judi (a.k.a., Fudi)


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      This is really sad news. I've always enjoyed your slightly off-the-wall comments, Craig. I am glad that you were willing to share the news of your terrible loss with our community. Looking at the photo of you and your wife, I can see the love and happiness you brought to each other. What an unbearably difficult thing for you, to lose her in this way. I hope that you find comfort in the support of those around you, even in the virtual world of cryptograms. My sincere condolences to you. - Leah


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        I'm so very sorry for your loss. I'm sure it is devastating for you.


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          Hi Craig (Darkyr), I can only echo the sentiments of the other commenters here and offer my and my partners sincere condolences on the loss of your wife, Elaine. I hope for you a short grieving period and decades of fond memories of times with your wife afterwards. Synonymous aka Van ...and Thank You LLapp for sharing.


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            Our deepest condolences for your loss. It is never easy to lose someone close to you. We hope for healing for your spirit.


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              My condolences on your loss. May God give you comfort. David'


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                I am so sorry for your loss, Darkyr. I hope you have friends and family who can help you get through this, and I hope it helps a little to know that you have many friends here on this site who miss you are grieve with you.


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                  Oh Darkyr, I'm so sorry. Love.


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                    Very sorry for your loss, Craig. I have a number of friends who have suffered loss of loved ones lately (though not due to Covid). Bless your heart. I hope family and friends are reaching out to you often during this fragile time. Kerrie


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                      so sorry, prayers to you and your family


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                        Thank you for that heads up, LLapp, and a respectful obit. Been away for a month... just now reading this news.

                        "The Dark Ones," with a picture of Craig and Elaine pinned on top, is a public group on Facebook.


                        They have posted a link to the Elaine Carlile Memorial Fund, a Go Fund Me online fundraiser accepting donations till Feb 19, 2021.


                        Elaine Carlile worked as a nurse at American Express Desert Ridge in Phoenix, AZ, and "was instrumental in organizing health events/fairs, flu shots, mom mobile, onsite dental, etc., [on] the AEDR campus." So we (collectively) have lost another front line worker.

                        How can you summarize your life with someone you love in just a few sentences? We were together for fifteen years, married for nine of those years. We were married on 11/11/11. In that time, Lainey was my light. She was Lightyr to my Darkyr. Eleven to my Twenty Two. Every night she would tell me what she liked about me, and I would tell her what I liked about her.

                        Now she is gone and it breaks my heart. In reaching out to those that knew her, I have met so many wonderful people. She had a way of making everyone she met feel important and appreciated.

                        Her son Talon and I now face the challenge of moving forward without her. It is my hope to realize some of her dreams and goals, and to continue to support efforts that were important to her. I will miss her, but I will never forget her. Forever Us, Lainey.

                        Craig ‘Darkyr’ McKenzie
                        Please know, Craig, that I never missed a comment with your name on it. Your distinctive voice, a bit off the beaten trail, always gave us fresh and unexpected perspective in any debate. We are grieving with you, sir. May you catch a glimpse now and then of the halls of Valhalla.



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                            Craig--Please accept my sympathy and condolences on your loss. John


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                              Darkyr, so sorry for your loss. Only you know what you need to get through this time, so please share that with your loved ones. They only want what will help you to heal.