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  • retry puzzles

    for the past two or three weeks I have experienced an unusual number of puzzles appearing as "retry" although I would be playing for an hour or so without missing any quotes at all this morning I played for about forty-five minutes, checked the "recent games" and discovered five missed puzzles counted as retry. is any one else having this problem? I normally don't post anything on forum or chat because i'm not as witty or social as most players (ok, I'm a caveman) but I would appreciate any advice

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    I've had this problem a lot and it is one of the reasons I don't go for 100 percent at the moment. Those are double (and triple) feeds...just glitches in the system. Basically, you need to check your recent games every few minutes to stay on top of them. BTW, I love your "caveman" comments.. they usually make me laugh!


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      I keep getting a dropped screen before I get a chance to submit my comments. C’mon, they’re not that bad! This has been happening more often since my last iPhone update. The again, my Roku TV has been acting up lately, too.