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    Well, I'm still dealing with computer issues. This time on my laptop which also isn't the fastest computer around. I downloaded firefox which seems to be working better on this computer, but I find that I get more unsolved puzzles with this browser. I mean, I just looked at my scores a few minutes ago and saw that I had missed a puzzle. By the time I got it done 767 seconds had elapsed. Not good for my time, which is already taking a beating this month. I guess I will have to check my scores more often. I wonder why that happens. Did I double click on Try Another Puzzle? Hmmm...

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    I'm not sure why it happens but I have noticed that whenever I double-click on the play link there's a good chance that an extra puzzle will be in my recent games list. Yesterday I noticed that I had three games I didn't know about and I don't remember double-clicking.

    By the way, I'm using Firefox also and don't know if that's a factor. And although I love using Firefox, one thing I'm not crazy about is that it shuts down on me from time to time. When that occurs while I'm doing a cryptogram, the next time I open a browser it opens with a different game already in progress, and the seconds are ticking away. Then I have to go back and complete the puzzle I was doing before the crash.

    I try to check statistics after every game. It slows you down some but at least you know right away if you've missed one.


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      Double clicking

      I am also using Firefox and have noticed the same thing about unsolved games sneaking in there. Yesterday, it seemed like my computer just wasn't responding and I know I clicked the play button again, because I thought maybe I hadn't hit it long enough. After about 6 minutes of play, I went to check my stats and there were two unsolved games. It is a bit of a pain, because those games add a lot to time. I'm just glad that I try to check every five minutes or so. Oh well....



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        Ugh! Why do I sometimes find puzzles accidentally skipped? Am thinking it's my own operator error, not the site.


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          a lot of folks are having this problem, but one player in particular has been plagued with them lately. read back through "chat" to see what folks are saying.


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            I'm not having as many as I was, but still have had some in two of the last three days. Not nearly so bad though. For a while, it seemed I'd get two double loads for every fifty puzzles I did. Not it's more like one for every two hundred.


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              That is vexing, maradnu. I don't find more than a couple a month.


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                Just FYI, this can happen in Chrome as well. I'm not sure the browser is the issue.


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                  I went for many months with no double loads at all. I've used Chrome as my browser the whole time and used the same computer and the same mouse the whole time as well. The only different on my end has been regular Windows updates.