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    I miss her every time I come to this site, and I think of her often throughout the day.


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      Oh no! This makes me so sad. I always enjoyed her comments, and she will be missed! And thank you, Nitefly5150 (Gail's son). I'm glad your mom enjoyed the puzzles and the crypto community. It's amazing how seemingly simple pleasures bring light into someone's life.


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        The following was recently posted on abra's Facebook page by her son. I thought I should include it here since it is also for all of us:

        I used to subscribe to a quote subreddit, and I'd send these quotes to Mom. Some she knew, some she knew the authors, some I figured maybe she could use later (she never mentioned one coming up). I unsubscribed after she passed because I guess it bothered me to see them. Later, I decided that reddit is not good for my mental health.

        But I still come across one once in a while. So Mom, for you and your friends on the quote board...

        "A problem is a chance for you to do your best."

        - Duke Ellington


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          Thanks Eureka. I often think about abra and usually smile when I see her comments once I solve a puzzle. You know My 25th was their wedding anniversary. I didn't put that on Chat but did remember it.


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            It's good of you to remember their anniversary, Synonymous! That must have been a tough day for her husband this year.


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              Yep! Tough day for him.