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  • Avatar Quest

    I am on a quest to get more players to have avatars
    Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller).

    Here are some links to get you started

    Free Online Image Editor

    Free Glitter Avatars

    Sites recommended by fellow players

    If you know other/better sites please post them
    If you need help just let me know, if I can’t help you I’ll find someone who can.

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        Quest still on

        avatars brighten up the board


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          That Was Fun

          Thanks for the suggestion!


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            this next one has thousands of avatars in hundreds of categories, i challenge you to find one and make it your own or you can click on the my avatars button, type in your name, click on get my avatars and it will select an animal, emotion, personality, quote, and a cartoon avatar for you. Check it out and see what Avatar Magic selects for you, or are you afraid?


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              Needless to say, I am all in favor of having more colorful images on this site!!!

              (I only wish we could use images larger than 19.5kb)


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                ratava ruoy pmip


                ǝuo ʇǝb oʇ ɹǝʌo buıɥsnɹ spɹoɔǝɹ pǝǝds ʎuɐ ʞɐǝɹq oʇ buıob ןןɐ ǝɹɐ noʎ ʇɐɥʇ ʇou 'sɹɐʇɐʌɐ ɹoɟ ǝʇıs ʍǝu ɐ punoɟ


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                  and keep adding those great avatars!


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                    and keep up the good work. The board is looking alive!


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                      If you need help finding an this thread.


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                        Thnx for the suggestion, the forums certainly looks breathing with all those colourful avatars


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                          How to find an avatar, How to post an image

                          I have been asked to explain how to post an image in the forum and how to find and resize an avatar. These instructions are for those
                          using Windows. If you are on a MAC first of all I bow to you and second possibly Lurker or Bansai can help with that.

                          Avatars: Must be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels. You can however go a bit bigger if its a JPEG image I have noticed.
                          First of all if you look at the top of this page beside your username in the black box you will see that there is an empty square next to your name, click on that, that should take you to the site's avatar gallery. If not go to the bottom of the page and click on the avatar gallery link. Simply search thru find one you like click on it.
                          You will be taken to edit avatar page. Make sure use a custom avatar is selected and hit save changes.
                          If you wish to use one of your own avatars, on the Edit avatar page, which you can access by either doing the above or selecting settings below your userid at the top of the page or User CP in the blue menu bar where it says User CP, FAQ, Members List etc.
                          Make sure use custom avatar is ticked, then select Option 1 - if you are taking an avatar from a website. Or Option 2 if you want to use one from your own computer.
                          Option 1...Find your avatar, make sure its within the specs that this site allows ie 100 x100 pixels and no more than 48.8 kbs. How do you know how many kbs it is? right click on your image and check properties, you will be given the size of the image. Also you can just try and enter it and if its too big the site will let you know.
                          Right find your image its the right size and kbs, now simply right click, and copy the URL (if you are using IE8) if you are in Chrome select copy image URL. Someone will have to amend this for Firefox as I dont use it, sorry.
                          Now, before you paste the image url into the box, make sure you backspace and clear out the http:// thats already in there and simply hit Paste then hit save changes and your avatar will be displayed.
                          To use one from your computer, find the image you want, lets say in My Pictures, if you use IE8/9 select option 2 and click on browse find your image wherever you have it in your computer and click on it, then click on open. Then hit save changes and your image should be displayed. If its not, again check the size and the pixel size.
                          In Chrome, select choose file, click on the image and hit save changes.
                          The same instructions also apply to your profile picture as well, select edit profile picture you are given much larger specs for this.
                          Again Firefox people maybe you could add to this post with instructions on how to do this? Thanks.

                          Okay now to put an image in a forum post...
                          Its tricky but its not that hard again Firefox users will need to follow the next kind persons instructions.

                          For IE and Chrome:
                          You start a post, find an image you wish to add from the internet.
                          If you are in Google Images, do NOT use the image URL from that image, find the webpage that has the image. Thats important.
                          For IE 8/9 Right click on the image, select properties, and copy by holding down the cursor and highlighting the URL then select Copy.
                          For Chrome, right click on the image, and select copy image URL.
                          Then you look just above the box where you are entering text, and you will see a little yellow box with mountains in it located just at the top of the body of the message, it looks like this:
                          Click on this and a box will pop up. Backspace the http:// already entered and simply right click and hit Paste. Then OK.
                          To see if it worked, go to the bottom of your post, and click on preview post, it should appear.
                          Sometimes it wont appear until you actually submit your post.

                          I think that I will stop now and explain how to insert an image from your own computer into a post in a few days.
                          Its a bit trickier, however if you ever need to show admin a screenshot of a glitch or problem its very helpful.

                          I hope that made sense, please if you still dont understand cause Im no technical writer and probably confused the heck out you all,
                          you are more than welcome to send me a private message and I will be happy to help.
                          Im sure Bansai, Lurker and LLL also would be more than happy to help.
                          No you arent bothering us. We dont mind. er well I dont mind I cant speak for them however Im fairly certain they wont mind.
                          Bansai might take awhile to respond but he will respond. LOL. sorry inside joke.

                          Well good luck give it a try remember you can just try it and use the preview or you can submit and always delete your posts by
                          selecting Edit Post and deleting.

                          Have fun!!!

                          If your image is too large in actual pixel size there are many online image editors that you can use which are simple and have much better instructions than I just gave, here is a link to the one I use most.
                          simply use the resize tab and enter the correct image size. remember to right click and save to your computer.


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                            You share it great, thanks for the post. u want to know what the best part is? Our service is absolutely FREE! Picrew is a website that uses layered paper dolls to create your own avatar. With the help of a simple interface and tons of features, you can create your own unique avatar in no time.


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                              Not interested in avatars, but nice to see a post from Pootie after all these years.