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  • Site update

    Hi everyone -

    We've migrated over to our main platform and database now at This should have no effect on game play, though you may notice you'll have to log back in on the new domain. Your existing username and password will still work the same as before. If you can't access your account please just email me with your username and registered email address at and I will help reset your account.

    This is part of a network-wide migration that is happening over the next few weeks/months as we switch over to an upgraded system. Once that migration is completed all of our puzzle sites should start performing quite a bit faster and experience far fewer outages.

    Thanks for playing!


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    problems recording number of quotes

    Quotes for this month don't add up. After logging on today, the quote I played was not added to the total number of quotes I played this month. It started adding them from zero. Also, in the monthly competition it started counting from the beginning. So right now I am twice on list: at 2nd place with 355 quotes total and further down with now 1 quote, which I did today.
    Could you please fix this?
    Also avatars don't show.
    And also it would be really nice to bring back the feature of showing latest records to the side.
    Many thanks


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      Monthly scores should now be fixed - avatars and latest records will be coming back too in a little while, it will just take a bit longer as I'm slowly migrating everything over to a new server platform.



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        Thank you!