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  • One thing to help improve others

    The point of this thread is for each person that replies to it to give one piece of advice or one thing that would help improve the performance of everyone else that reads it, whether it be how to solve the puzzles, tips for excluding certain numbers from certain squares, and other such things.

    Since I started the thread, I will go ahead and give my piece of advice, which is going to be a fairly simple piece of advice, but is still important:

    When looking at a grid for the first time, look for numbers in front of dead ends, as those usually mean that the dead end is the same number that is in front of that dead end.

    An example:


    In this example, the empty space in front of the dead end (Xs are walls) is a 3. This means that the only possible number that can be in the dead end is a three.

    A more complex example:


    Now in this example, there is a lot going on. The first thing that can be deduced is that there is a 3 in the dead end to the left of the 3. Now, there are two possible solutions for the upper portion of this puzzle, but for the sake of this example, let's just assume that there are numbers to the south of the 9 that completely box in the 9, which means that everything above the 9 is a 9, which in turn means that the space to the south of the 3 is also a 3.

    I hope this helps perspective solvers, and I hope to see others contribute more to this thread!

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    This observation feels like cheating, but since I use it... I've never seen a puzzle where the 2s are left & right. They're always one above the other.


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      I don't think anything could be considered cheating if it is part of a puzzle.