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    What, in your opinion, is the very best time to play the game? Early in your day, right after eating, late at night -- is there a favorite time for you? Second question: when do you SCORE the best? Is it your very first game of the day and everything after that is downhill, or is it after you've warmed up with a few games, or do you do the best in your last games? Speaking for myself only, I find that I need about a half-dozen games to get my typing speed up, and then I'm at my peak for about a dozen games before I start to decline. I do my best in the afternoons, after I've been up four to six hours. I do the worst when I'm tired or ill. The killer for me is a cold room. If the room temperature is much under 72 F (22 C) my fingers get too stiff and I can't type effectively. If I play for longest/highest scoring word, I do best on the third or fourth board and stay pretty good until my brain fades, after perhaps an hour.

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    Personally, I prefer to play at night mostly probably because during day there is a lot of distractions from my kids and such..

    As for when I am at my best, I did not pay attention to that mostly. However, I can say I perform best when I am really concentrated with no one to distract me and after a few games I guess that you get to that stage which they call 'flow state' where everything seems so natural and all in place. Oh god, how much I love that feeling when everything looks right where it is supposed to be and you cut off entirely from the outside world. I guess that is why we love these puzzles games and Wordtwist in particular.

    My advice to you is try to get yourself in the best conditions as possible and do what works for you I guess because everyone is different and you seem to have a lot of things that you need to be in a certain way before you can perform at your best. So, just do that if possible.

    One thing that helped me after feeling not at my best is to change the game entirely to something that requires some physical effort like foosball for example. That is what I find working well for me I guess. If you are not familiar with foosball, you can read its rules here. It is a very simple game that I seem to love more and more. That is a suggestion that may not work for you. But I had to share what worked for me.

    Good luck mate