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Wit Twister #22: Tax Day (Plus answer to WT #21: Happy Easter)

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  • Wit Twister #22: Tax Day (Plus answer to WT #21: Happy Easter)

    Good Morning,

    On April 15 here’s a Wit Twister about a taxpayer who’s fighting mad -- some of the time.

    These puzzles are similar to the ones The New York Times runs every Saturday.
    The missing words are anagrams of the same letters; the number of underlined spaces indicates the number of missing letters.

    Though Ben _ _ _ _ _ _ _ as “heartless” local _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of taxes
    He is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and compliant in their presence.
    When he recollects those moments and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ his acquiescence
    He sighs, “I try to argue, but my backbone just relaxes!”

    Scroll down for the answer to Wit Twister #21: “Happy Easter.”




    An ANGEL spoke in words unclear
    My head at an ANGLE, I strained to hear.
    There was joy and peace in her tone serene
    But “God is love” was all I could GLEAN.