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  • Missing Pieces

    I've been doing jigsaws on here for quite a while, and just recently, I've started having some puzzles missing pieces. By that, I mean I put together all the pieces that are on the board, and there's still a spot open. Or, like tonight, two spots. I moved the connected piece around the screen with the background on light, just to see if I was missing anything, and there's no sign of the missing piece(s). Not even a hint, like when a piece is almost off the screen, but you still see some at the edge.

    If I Save Puzzle and the go back to it under Recent Games, then the missing piece has been magically restored, somewhere in the middle of the board, and I can finish the puzzle.

    Any thoughts?
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    Hi Grifir - can you let me know what browser and operating system you're using? I will try to replicate the issue here.


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      Chrome on Windows 10. It doesn't happen with every puzzle, but it's becoming more and more frequent. And the number of pieces is also increasing. The most recent one I did had 3 pieces missing. With a real puzzle, I'd blame the cat, but I don't think that works here.


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        Ok, thank you - so far I'm unable to replicate it but I will keep trying. If you happen to notice any patterns that seem to trigger the bug please let me know so I can further narrow it down. Thanks!


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          Will do. Since my last post, did two puzzles, one with 2 missing pieces, one with none. I'll keep you posted.


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            Over the last few weeks, I've noticed a couple patterns in the missing pieces. First, it seems to be usually two pieces, and it seems to be on almost every puzzle now. In a rare outlier, it's three pieces, but for the last week, it's always been two.

            The other common thing I find is that the pieces tend to be in the upper left part of the puzzle. Usually it's at least one edge piece on the upper part of the left edge, often two pieces on that edge, and the other piece is always on the left, usually in the upper half, but not always. So far, I haven't seen any missing pieces on any edge other than the left, nor on the right half of the puzzle.

            I don't know if either of these help, but I'll keep watching.


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              And now it seems as if whatever was going on has been fixed. I can't say for sure how many puzzles it's been, but I'm pretty sure I've gone at least 15-20 puzzles with no missing pieces over the last week or so.