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  • Ads over the puzzle

    Lately I've expanded my Wordtwist obsession to include the occasional jigsaw puzzle - and just as is the case there, ads are sometimes obscuring the board. Here is a screen shot.

    Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 1.14.05 PM.png

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    Please please please decrease the sizes of your 8 million adds!


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      This has happened to me a couple of times too. The ads go back to the correct size if you save the puzzle, close it, and then reopen it. Hope a fix comes soon

      EDIT: Was playing today and this glitch came up again. Saving and exiting did not work as it did before. Noticed that the ad was also big on the home screen as well.

      Screenshot of the home screen, the top ad is too big for the space
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        I agree. The ads are annoying. I probably will abandon Puzzle Baron after July. I have found, after some observation, that each ad clears itself out if you don't touch it. The trick is to position the puzzle frame low on the screen as you continue fitting in pieces. Today, I did the same. An ad clears out -- and is immediately replaced by the next one. In succession.



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          Hi folks -

          Our ad manager has been informed of this issue - we were having it last week on a different site, and now it appears to have popped up here as well. I have asked them to remove this advertiser ASAP.
          If you enjoy our puzzles, please consider upgrading to a premium account to remove all ads and help support us financially. Thanks for your support!


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            So it was not (well, it could have been) my imagination that I noticed fewer obstructions. I will try again. Many thanks!


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              Thanks for the fix