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  • For those who play seriously....

    I have been playing this game a couple of hours a day for the past couple of years.. sometimes the scores are fine, sometimes they are terrible. It would be useful if there was a facility to repeat troublesome games in order to figure out the flaws in our logic.

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    Nightjar--- What you want to happen isn't going to be there -- what you need to do is start looking through the puzzle and put in the words you think may work -keep going and if you come to a spot where no word will work, take it out and keep going. Don't worry about how fast or how slow you go -- because it won't take long before you've figured out how to do it. The more you play, the better you will get. Enjoy - getting really good at it will come.


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      I was talking about Lasergrids....... it doesn't have words... ;-)


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        Probably the easiest and most graceful solution would be to change the way the "clear errors" feature works. Right now it's all but useless--whatever you've marked in error disappears, far too rapidly for you to actually see and understand where you went wrong, and you're paying a penalty that means there's no real point getting a game score even if you go on to complete the puzzle. All the button is really is a gut check for when you're not sure and ready to cut your losses.

        But if "clear errors" were something like "show errors" instead, then you could have something helpful that may be close to what Nightjar's looking for. You hit the "show errors" button when you know you're in a tangle and can't figure it out, and at that point
        • instead of clearing, mismarked squares are highlighted in red, so you get some real, stable visual feedback
        • the game is no longer submittable for a score,
        • but you can correct the errors and go on, and when the puzzle's complete you get the scores page with a report of your time, purely for comparison (the game stats aren't recorded).
        Would be a decent UI choice and not especially difficult to code, in principle.


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          Thanks.... that would be a good