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My high scores aren't registering

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  • My high scores aren't registering

    I've been playing LaserGrids today and yesterday and my high scores aren't registering. I'm logged in (a new premium member, actually), yet it doesn't show up.

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    Hi.... Welcome .. High scores take a wee while to upload -- can be a few days....

    Philip (Nightjar)


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      That surprises me, since that doesn't happen with other Puzzle Baron sites! But thank you.


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        Are your high scores showing up now? I got a few high scores myself but they aren't showing up either.


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          Oh! There it is ... took about 10 minutes


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            No, mine still aren't showing days later—or at least, they weren't yesterday. I have yet to see a single high score of mine from this week. I had a few in January 2019 that do show up, but none from this week.


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              Hi KeepItgoing -

              When you say "high score" do you mean the list of Record Times on the right side of most pages? That updates once every 10-12 minutes or so. It is possible, if more than 6 records were set in the last 10 minutes, that your new record time could be passed over but that's pretty rare.

              If you mean something else please let me know the exact place you're looking (URL) and maybe I can help further.


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                Yes, I mean that when I get a time in the fastest 10, it isnt' registering—even days later. Sometimes I have made a note in the comments about it, so I can tell that it still isn't registering (and still would be a record).

                I don't have a URL, and I haven't usually left a comment so I won't know for sure, but if I happen upon one of them again I'll give the URL.


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                  I got lucky and happened on one quickly:

                  Oh, wait, now that I see the URL I don't think it's going to help you at all, is it? How can I help if the "game over" URL doesn't include any identifying information?


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                    Ah ok, the top 10 scores that appear on the Game Over page only update once a week currently. I try to keep these scripts running only when necessary as they are resource intensive and can cause the server to slow down. I'll increase it to once a day on a trial basis and see if there's any noticeable problems.