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Bug in undo/clear errors

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  • Bug in undo/clear errors

    I guess my job today is to keep you busy—sorry about that!

    I'm finding a consistent error with undo/clear errors. Whenever I undo and then clear errors, I get a penalty—even if there are no errors on the board.

    For example, I start a game and put a light beside a square with a zero in it. Then I immediately click "undo," then "clear errors." It gives me a 60-second penalty. This is consistent.

    Once (farther on in the game) no message appeared saying that I had a penalty, but when I got to the end, I indeed had a penalty. (I'm fairly but not 100% certain of this one.)

    It's funny, because I've been playing Puzzle Baron for years without errors. On Monday I became a premium member for the first time, and then the errors started. I mention this in case there's a connection in either of the two cases.

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    Just tested it on game with no errors..... came up ' no errors no penalty' maybe you need to contact admin


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      Interesting. I just tried it in a different browser, and I had the error show up again. Maybe something in my account did get messed up when I became a premium member.


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        Thanks for catching that - I can duplicate it here as well. It has nothing to do with being a premium member, though, this bug will have the same effect for all players.

        Will work on a fix now.

        UPDATE: I believe this should now be fixed - please let me know.