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  • Confused by hint.

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    Is it possible to take a screen capture of only the hints? These are too small for me to read. I tried to enlarge, but the text, even though larger, became fuzzier.


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      Peace2019 I think I'm having difficulty with the same type of hint. I've attached my screenshots, hopefully they are a little less blurry. pub4 - maybe you can help?


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        jvancour93 Hi I think I can help based on your screenshots. So Wendell is either 22 minutes or red. So if we look at the red column we can see that 21 minutes and 22 minutes is crossed out. If Wendell has to be 22 minutes or red and 21 minutes is not 22 minutes and it also cannot be red, we can cross it out. In order for that square to be correct, it would have to meet one of the two conditions that Wendell has and neither of those conditions can be met in that particular square. Does that help at all? I can try to explain it another way or make my own square and take a picture or something if that would be more helpful!


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          kyliexx Yes, I think that makes sense! Thanks for your help!


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            admin admin2 is there a reason why my post was not approved? it's been about a week and a half, and it's yet to be approved. i have not received a notification or a message as to why it's not approved. thanks for your help.

            UPDATE: never mind. i just copied and pasted it, but could someone please let me know why it was marked to be approved before it could be posted?
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              I posted this answer on April 29. For whatever reason, it was not approved. I just copied and pasted it here, and now it is posting. Sorry for the long time to get back to you, jvancour93.

              04-29-2019, 09:41 PM

              Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, but I just now worked the puzzle. You already had a good amount done, and the next step was exactly what the hint addresses.

              I. WENDELL IS RED or 22 MINUTES
              • Wendell is either Red, or Wendell is 22 minutes. He is one or the other. He cannot be both.
              • You can tell by looking at the grid you've already partially filled in that it is not possible for Red to be 21 minutes because 21 minutes has already been eliminated as a possibility for Red via clues 2 and 3. The possible times for Red are now 23 or 24 minutes. This is the same as saying Red = (23 or 24 minutes).
              • If Wendell equals 22 minutes or Red, then this is the same as saying that Wendell equals 22 minutes, or Wendell equals (23 or 24 minutes). We substituted (23 or 24 minutes) in Red's place. If this doesn't make sense, then please let me know so I can explain further. In Math, this is called Substitution.
              • Once we place an "X" in the grid for Wendell and 21 minutes (the yellow highlighted square in your screen capture), we can see that Ralph is 21 minutes. Place your dot for that combination.

              • Now that Ralph is marked to equal 21 minutes, look down Ralph's column to the "Color" sub-grid and check for any color that Ralph does not equal. In this case, there is nothing "X'ed" out. But we know that Ralph = 21 minutes, so now look across to the right sub-grid in 21 minute's row to see what colors 21 minutes does not equal. We see that Red and Yellow have been "X'ed" out.
              • This means that 21 cannot be Red or Yellow. Since 21 = Ralph, we now know that Ralph cannot be Red or Yellow.
              • Go back to Ralph's column and "X" out Red and Yellow as options for him.
              • Ralph can now only be Maroon or Silver.

              III. BACK TO WENDELL(A.K.A. CLUES 3 & 4)
              • The grid should now show that Ralph = 21; Anthony = 24; and Eduardo and Wendell are 22 and 23 minutes. But what is the order? Which person is which amount of time?
              • Clue 3 says that Wendell is Red (23 or 24 minutes), or Wendell is 22 minutes.
              • Since 24 minutes = Anthony, we know that Wendell can only be Red if Red ends up being 23 minutes. So again, Wendell is either 22 or 23 minutes.
              • Clue 4 says that of the 22 minute and the 23 minute time slots, one of the time slots is Eduardo, and the other is Yellow.
              • We already know that 22 and 23 is Eduardo and Wendell in some order.
              • Per clue 4, we know that 22 and 23 are Eduardo and Yellow. Wendell must equal Yellow.
              • From clue 3, we know that Wendell is either Red or 22 minutes. We now know that Wendell = Yellow, therefore, he cannot be Red. Thus, Wendell = 22 minutes.
              • Eduardo = 23 minutes.
              • Once you update your grid, you'll see that Ralph is Silver. Silver = Ralph = 21 minutes.
              • Clue 2 says that Silver is two minutes less than Red.
              • Silver = 21.
              • 21 + 2 = 23. Therefore, Red = 23 minutes.
              • Eduardo = 23 minutes; therefore Eduardo = Red.
              V. ELIMINATION
              • By elimination, Anthony = Maroon.

              The grid should be completed. If what I've typed doesn't make sense, then please let me know.
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