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  • Connection issues

    Iíve been noticing two things happening a lot lately: (on an iPad, iOS 12)
    1. The game gets stuck after hitting submit, and never gives me the results of my game.
    2. I get a message: lost connection to server.

    Then yesterday on my PC, it couldnít connect to the page at all - kept timing out.

    Not a problem with my wifi, could connect to other pages just fine.

    Anybody else having these problems?

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    I had those problems fairly frequently on the old server, but I've not had them since the site changed. I do sometimes feel a little delay after the submit is hit, but luckily I've not had this particular issue lately. That's not to say it's impossible, but I do know when I had the problem in the past & posted about it, I never got a reply. whether that meant that nobody else had the problem or just nobody replied, I don't know.

    One thing I do know - eventually the site was always accessible again, but sometimes it was a day or two.

    Not much help, I realize, but you aren't alone.


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      I have the same problems almost every day.
      Some days I have a good connection for some time. Once the problems start you might as well stop playing for some hours.
      Usually I check the time needed to create a puzzle. That is a very good indicator for this problem. The same goes for opening a puzzle.
      In that case, it helps if you disconnect and try again (recent games).

      No solutions so far, I'm sorry.