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  • Help With logic puzzle

    Anybody have any idea how to make heads from tails of these first four clues? Any help would be appreciated if you have an idea of what the dots in the corners represent. Thanks for your help!

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    Next clue: Image from iOS.png
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      Someone wants you to order them a free... taco? I'm just kidding.

      Symbols could be one of a few things to me: you're supposed to line them up (however, cards with only three corners marked like "a free" or "give me" shouldn't exist unless the final shape is a diamond), or a number of other possibilities (they might correspond to numbers/letters and you're only supposed to use those letters from each card).

      "order. Now" suggests that you're supposed to have full sentences in the final message and since you don't have a card that starts with a capital letter, you've got a few more cards to go at least (since you have at least two sentences and no initial capital nor final period card).


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        Thanks! That's what i'm assuming - it's either the way to organzie the cards or use specific letters. Appreciate your response!!