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Stuck with a Tectonic/Suguru grid

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  • Stuck with a Tectonic/Suguru grid

    Hi, I quite like doing these as a change to Sudoku, however after 82 successes I can’t seem to find the next logical statement to help solve this. Can anyone help please?
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    First, I had to figure out the rules. It seems that there are 3 rules:

    1) No region may have the same number more than once
    2) A cell with a number cannot touch another cell with the same number, even diagonally
    3) Only the digits 1-5 may be used.

    With that, I looked at the Z-shaped pentomino near the bottom, and tried putting in the last two number (2 and 5) one way, and then the other. Only one of those ways worked. This is a trial-and-error type of solving, and not a logic-based answer like what you wanted. There's no guarantee that a logic-based type answer exists, but I decided to look for one anyway.

    I came up with this:


    After uploading the image, this forum seems to have resized it to a miniature size, and it's unreadable, so please check the original here instead:

    Blue: I made pencil marks for each cell that only had 2 possibilities.
    Red: Since 2 and 5 are both touching the cell at the bottom of the plus region, it must contain something other than 2 or 5. 3 is the only remaining choice.
    Green: This Y region can only have a 3 in one spot. I placed it there.


    The Y region containing the green 3 seems to be the best place to work next. Now there is only one place that 1 can be placed in the Y region, so place it.

    Next, there are only 2 places in the Y region that can contain 4, and both of them border the '24' pencil marks in the x region. So, that cell must be 2

    From this point on, solving it is fairly straightforward.
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      I have never solved a puzzle like this before, but down below is my solution: