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Volume 2, Puzzle 186- managing multiple unaligned pairs

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  • Volume 2, Puzzle 186- managing multiple unaligned pairs

    The last few puzzles in this book have me stumped. They all seem to have multiple examples of unaligned pairs, all related to each other, and I can't figure out how to track - or notate - them. Any suggestions?

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    I don't have the books anymore, so I'm no real help, but here are the Puzzle Baron's own hints on how to handle these: - and for me, the best thing is to make an either/or note: something like "Bill: Blue or Sweden", so when you get to a clue that clears up one of the two, you will know what to do. Sorry I can't help more here.


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      Look for two clues that have one item in common and then see if you can use those clues against each other.


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        For those like me that stared at this for a REALLY long time and even searched for "Stack-Man High Scores" (Puzzle 186) online for a hint only to get none, this should help whoever reads this in the future get further along:

        Clue #7 says "Pete isn't from Maryland."
        Clue #3 says "1986 is either Pete or Utah."
        Clue #1 says "1986 is either Maryland or 1,822,700 points."

        Using Clue #3, we can deduce the following two possibilities:

        If 1986 is Utah, it can't be Maryland and is therefore 1,822,700 points.
        If 1986 is Pete, it ALSO can't be Maryland (due to clue #7) and is therefore 1,822,700 points.

        In both cases, 1986 must be 1,822,700 points.

        That bit of logic finally got me unstuck enough to get through the rest. Also kept revisiting clue #6 to either exclude Hank due to not being 1983 nor the 1.5 million points.