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How to handle non-distinct values

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  • How to handle non-distinct values


    I have been working some logic puzzles on a different site, and they will have puzzles where some of the values in a category are not distinct. For example, a puzzle about breakfast might have coffee sizes as a category, with one large, 2 medium, and 2 small coffees. These always trip me up, since I know that a clue like "Joe had a small coffee" means that I can mark out the large and mediums, but I don't know which of the two small columns is "his". This can be important if you are also trying to match coffees to another category, like donut type. If I know that the two small coffees match to the maple bar and jelly donut, how do I know which of those goes to Joe and which goes to the other"small coffee" person? So... any advice from other people on how they deal with these kinds of puzzles?

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    I just pick one column for that and put his name on it. That way I don't get it mixed up with the other person's column. And let's say Joe takes column 1 for the small coffee, then whatever row shows the coffees, the first row is also Joe's.