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  • #141 In Logic Puzzles Book

    I've been **very slowly** working through the puzzles in this book for the past several years. I'm currently trying to finish the final 10 puzzles in the book. When I get frustrated, I'm going back to a puzzle that stumped me.

    Thank you Time for a Test
    I've tried this one several times in the past and 4 times today. Where I keep getting stuck is Mr. Reinsford having the test that scored 72 points, but that cannot be correct based on clue #5 (The five students were Mrs. Koralis's student, Gage, Isaiah (who didn't take the physics exam), the one who score dan 89, and the one who took the geometry final exam.)

    I've looked on this site to see if there was an update or if anyone else got stuck, but it seems I'm the only one! Any hints or tricks?

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    I figured it out. I was reading clue #7 incorrectly. Mr. Reinsfords score is higher than Gage, but the wording had me confused.