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Averages and bugs

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  • Averages and bugs

    It would be cool if we had an average on the my scores card.

    Also I get this weird bug. It looks compressed for a few seconds, and then it loads properly. lose time like this and it is very annoying.

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    Average Less Than Record Time

    I am wondering how the Average time can be less than the Record Time ?? I have seen before:
    Puzzle #4810080 Starting Info:
    Level: Challenging
    Average Time: 1423 seconds
    Record Time: 1490 seconds
    Also, an unrelated comment. I have been paying for the no ads service for a few years now. After not playing for several months while my husband was dying, I have noticed what I think is your server locking up periodically. I never used to have to wait for 30-60 seconds for things to load. I don't think this is a Charter/Spectrum problem because it is not happening on the other websites I frequently visit.


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      Another example of the Average Time being less than the Record Time:

      Puzzle #4827210 Starting Info:
      Level: Challenging
      Average Time: 1402 seconds
      Record Time: 1639 seconds


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        Ouch! I haven't noticed that before, but honestly rarely look unless I'm "on a roll."


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          Not seeing results page afer completion when logged in.

          instead page says Puzzle initiated by #3011 but you are playing as an unregistered guest.

          when I go to another page subsequently, it again shows me as logged in.

          what gives?