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  • Records and difficulty levels

    Upon getting repeat puzzles and reading a note I left about being excited at how many points I had earned which exceeded those on the level I was currently playing, I realized that the comments field was available to different levels within that puzzle. Being a curious sort, I began logging the level I completed the puzzle on [easy (lazy for Very Easy - there is no 'easy' to be 'very' of), mod, chal, dif, fiend]. Then I noticed someone else putting the record time in parenthesis after their score. So I started adding that as R=xx. Now I'm beginning to see those puzzles again. Quite a few record times between mod and easy are the same, or mod and challenging are the same. Just an awful lot of coincidental records this week, and wondering if anyone knows why records aren't related to the same difficulty level played, especially as it's a component in the formula for points awarded. Or, maybe it's just a huge coincidence.

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    I have been playing Numbergrids for several years and have noticed the same problem. It appears that the same puzzle # can show up at different levels -- which rather defeats the purpose of having levels.


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      Based on the comments posted I just found an example of this problem:

      previous notation:

      August 18, 2018, 5:58 pm
      1317. no errors. 432/600pts. median 1996s.

      my notation today:

      September 09, 2018, 10:08 pm central
      Difficult = 500 pts.
      Avg-1989, record-452, #4717794
      1028.. x1 error.. 407 pts.


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        and another example of this problem on puzzle #4716560:

        September 3, 2018, 7:37 pm
        1558. no errors. 374/600pts. median 1913s.

        September 10, 2018, 1:37 pm central
        Difficult = 500 pts.
        Avg-1911, record-476, #4716560
        49,128 new Very Slow


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          Huh. I normally only play on Fiendish, but playing around with 5x5s at different difficulties for the last hour or so I've come across several puzzles that I had previously left comments on. It has only happened on the Difficult setting, so far.

          So, what I hope is happening is that Difficult and Fiendish draw from overlapping sets of puzzles. That would mean that on Difficult you might get the same puzzle as someone playing on Fiendish, or possibly the same puzzle that someone else is playing on Challenging. If that is the case it would mean that everyone in the comments is at least playing the SAME puzzle.

          Has anybody seen this happen with puzzles more than one difficulty setting apart?


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            so far I have only seen this problem occur at one difficulty difference..

            Just played Puzzle #4835592 at moderate level for 300 pts.
            added puzzle note: 820.. x3 errors.. 266/300 pts.

            All the previous notes were for the challenging level for 400 pts. Most recent note was:

            August 24, 2018, 1:49 pm
            744.. x1 error.. 400 pts.

            Things have really improved recently, but this is a major error..