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  • Recent Games page "Solve Time"

    On the Recent Games page there is a column labeled "Puzzle Begun" which tells you in minutes how long ago a particular puzzle was started. This number is constantly changing as time moves forward. There is another column labeled "Solve Time".. This is NOT an accurate column label because it contains my total SCORE (including errors) and NOT the actual playing time. Why ??

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    Agree, it's misleading (and, if you need to log off or get DCd, it includes all seconds accumulated while logged off until you return to the puzzle within 24 hrs and solve it). Separate columns for time solved, penalty seconds, total time, difficulty level chosen and points earned would be awesome


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      I left my Chromebook on overnight with a tab running puzzle baron, so my average time is now 2500s or so for my 5x5 easy They need to have a reset stats option at least.


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        Ouch! I've always wondered how forgotten puzzles (unfinished puzzles) were tabulated. Did you finish it when you found it or just close out of it?