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  • Updates to Numbergrids

    Hi everyone -

    You might already have noticed a few updates were made to the Numbergrids site today - mainly on the "Game Over" page, we are now displaying detailed statistics for each puzzle along with a list of the fastest solve times/players. This info should appear for about 90% of our Numbergrid puzzles, but there are still about 10% or so (mostly larger puzzles 20x20 and 25x25) that haven't been solved enough times yet to generate meaningful statistics.

    We've also changed to a new templating system, but that's more of a backend thing and you shouldn't notice any significant changes on that front. But if you do happen to see anything that isn't working as it should please email me at and I will check it out.

    Thanks for playing!

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    New Update

    I already miss the Avatars and comments from the old results page,


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      The avatars/comments should be there now - there was a bug in the initial release but is should now be sorted.


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        Love the grid with the best scores. Nice touch. It used to be if you weren't the best score, you don't know where you fall. I just did one and now I know I fell into the #4 spot and knocked # 10 off the list


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          It's so addicting... I can't stop


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            I was wondering about the new statistics for each game. I love them, but was wondering why they don't show current statistics? The Campsite puzzles show my new scores in the statistics if I make it on the top, but the Numbergrid puzzles don't. In fact they I haven't seen any statistics tables with scores newer than 2-15-2-19. Is this a glitch?


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              I, too, wish you could show the current stats. I'd like to see my screen name when I make the top ten.


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                I've noticed the same problem. In one recent puzzle, someone left a comment in April about a new top 10 score, but it still hadn't been added to the Top 10 list three months later. Please fix this, devs.


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                  Polliwog, the new top scores are showing up now. They are still not instantly showed, but I've seen scores from April and June 2019 now, so at least you can see if you made the top ten at some time recently.