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    I see some players have started using puzzle comments to post their high scores. Fantastic - I think they deserve to be lauded. Perhaps the developers will consider just displaying the current high score player on each puzzle?

    A leaderboard ranking by current number of best times "owned" would also create an interesting challenge. I for one would love to see where I stand.

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    Apparently you're right, maybe posting its own scores in the comments isn't the greatest idea. On the other hand, what kind of useful/smart/funny comment should be posted by users? "Wow, t'was a challenge!" or "A hint - start with the 5th column, 2nd row" or maybe "the pattern in this puzzle reminds me my mother-in-law's face"... Is it OK for you?
    So, please don't criticize other user's comments if the site developers don't mind it.
    Anyways, high score ranking for a single puzzle it's a very good idea! I'd love to see my nickname there


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      I just added a new post (Skewed graph?) and found this old one. I belatedly realised that some players would want a record of their score so that when the puzzle comes around again they could track improvement. At least that's what I use it for, but I have only had 2 repeats so far.

      I started with the format [MY NAME] [PB for personal best] [TIME]. I soon realised that it's a little absurd to include my name and PB each time because my name is in the post header anyway but I just continued for the sake of consistency.

      I also like to come across the regular posters and try to imagine who they are as people. I very seldom beat their score and it gives me a little thrill when I do manage a faster time.

      Oh, Peeroog there is definitely no criticism intended! In fact I like the practice and do it myself.
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        I think it would be nice to see on my profile how many records I have for a given numbergrid size. It could look something like this:

        It could be nice to see them as numbers and as percents (so we know how many records we have out of the total number of grids for a given grid size).​