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    Is there any way to check our answers or get a hint for Patchwords?

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    RESTATED: Is there anyway to get help while playing the game? This is one game that I have a lot of problems with, and I end up having to quit many of them, which is frustrating. I have neuro-related language issues, and because this game is so hard for me, i want to keep playing it. But it's really difficult when I can't put the pieces together. They seem so simple, but I can't do most of them. Some type of hint or just checking to see if the way I've put the pieces together is correct would be so helpful. Any help is appreciated.


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      ADMIN... are you there?


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        Just try moving tiles around. One thing that sometimes helps, is the solutions tend to show symmetry. If there is a tile te, you are likely to see a vertical te.


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          MikeN Thanks for the tip.

          I'm hoping that there is a way to check our progress such as what we can do in a few other puzzles.