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    Is there any way to check our answers or get a hint for Patchwords?

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    RESTATED: Is there anyway to get help while playing the game? This is one game that I have a lot of problems with, and I end up having to quit many of them, which is frustrating. I have neuro-related language issues, and because this game is so hard for me, i want to keep playing it. But it's really difficult when I can't put the pieces together. They seem so simple, but I can't do most of them. Some type of hint or just checking to see if the way I've put the pieces together is correct would be so helpful. Any help is appreciated.


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      ADMIN... are you there?


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        Just try moving tiles around. One thing that sometimes helps, is the solutions tend to show symmetry. If there is a tile te, you are likely to see a vertical te.


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          MikeN Thanks for the tip.

          I'm hoping that there is a way to check our progress such as what we can do in a few other puzzles.


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            I would also love a hint button for these, maybe clicking on hint could put one tile in the correct place? Or at least an option to give up and see the solution.


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              pub4 Here are a few hints.

              1. Many of the words end in "ing" e,g. "raining" or "est" e.g. "steepest" or "or" e,g, "operator" or "er"
              2. Also look for words that start with "re"
              3. There is a tendency for many of the same words to appear in multiple puzzles. Words I can think of are sac, tic, gas, god, aria, aura, tsar, deli, sari, yeti, sled, slew, spry, spay, lyre, hymn, slave, metro, state.

              Hope this helps.
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