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Haven't been able to finish game once in a month

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  • Haven't been able to finish game once in a month

    Every time the game generates, it leaves one letter off of the board, making it impossible to finish. Even if everything else is correct and there's no errors I can't finish it because there's no more unused letters on the board but one word in the bank. Anyone else have this problem?

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    That's why I prefer playing CS. It's an online multiplayer game, which means that you don't have any career mode, so you can play this game for how long you like. Personally, I had started playing CS when I was in college, and to be honest, I can not get bored of it. Moreover, since they've added some new features, the game has become even more interesting. For instance, you can trade rust skins right now, which allows you to enlarge and diversify your weapon and skins inventory.
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      Hi Charlieinthebox! So, wasnt logged in but tried a game of reverse word search 10x10, feeling free to check errors and was able to finish a puzzle... gee those are tricky puzzles! There came a point where only one space was left and the word 'stays' was left. eventually figured out that diagonal happens! You probably already knew that, but it took me a definite minute to figure that out. Otherwise, sorry i was unable to duplicate your problem. Am completely mystified by vertgard's response, hope that someone will be able to help you.