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  • Unsolvable puzzle?

    I came across an unusual puzzle today. Every word in the list was used but I still had one "starting letter" in the grid unused and one empty white square. Clicking the 'clear errors' button tells me the puzzle is error free. Am I wrong in assuming that it should show errors? Since there is only one possible solution to each puzzle and I didn't use all squares in the grid I had to have made a mistake somewhere.
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    I've come across at least one puzzle in which a word was in the grid twice when completed. It's possible that you've stumbled into one of those, and the word that uses the last starting letter and white space is a duplicate. It's also possible that the error-checking is not functioning correctly, since i've never used that feature personally.


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      Same Problem

      I'm having the same problem, but there are multiple blank spaces and beginning letters. It's almost like all the words aren't shown on the list. One of the letters is a U, and I'm not even given any words beginning with U. This was on a 13x13 puzzle, and the ones smaller than that seem fine (so far).

      Edit: Nevermind, found out the problem. Just needed to scroll down on the wordlist. XD lol I'm so stupid sometimes.
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        I've had a few puzzles with one word beginning and ending in the same letter (usually S), both letters are marked as a starting letter, and no other words crossing it. That means the word can be written in both directions. You don't get a completed puzzle when the word is written the "wrong" way because one letter is still white, but it possible that the "clear errors" option don't correct it.