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    I'd love it if we could have stats on our pages about how many records we hold. Maybe one for total records set and one for current records held.

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    Yes! Is there an emoji that means "this, exactly this, please and thank you"? :)

    (I've been meaning to come here and suggest this, but you beat me to it.)

    Right now, there are four stats: total played, total solved, solve percentage, and average time. Of those four, the solved total and percentage are perfectly pointless, IMO, because the only way I wouldn't stick around long enough to solve a puzzle would be if my computer crashed or something equally catastrophic (and Not My Fault) happened. Once you've played enough, the average time tends to settle down and not change much. So the only stat that has any relevance is the total played... which is rather boring. So yes, absolutely, some sort of way to keep track of records set and records held would be lovely.


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      My times are wildly inaccurate for the functional average time solving because I occasionally leave a puzzle for hours or even days (I think my record is something like 350,000 seconds, haha) and the calculation doesn't seem to throw out the outliers, which is fine and funny to me. For percentage, it's definitely useful for me. I historically quit out of a puzzle if I hit a dead end (usually because of a misclick or a logical error midway along the process), but now I'm aiming for near 100% completion so I restart those puzzles now. It motivates me to try again or, if necessary, take a hint to see what I missed.

      I'm sure there are loads of way to pad out the stats with more information, but for me, records would be a fun one to see.


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        BTW, still getting the pop up ads that end the game play. See attached from this morning. Same Spanish language Toyota ad.
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