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Anyone use the "toggle colors" feature?

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  • Anyone use the "toggle colors" feature?

    I really enjoy these puzzles and am just curious about other puzzlers’ experience. Does anyone solve the puzzles in black and white? What benefit does it give you?

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    It's harder, for sure. I've only tried it a couple of times. I suppose if I ever figure out the straight game I might try that for a challenge. Check with me in a year or so.


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      Same as Trelligan


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        I always ignored it and decided to try it after seeing this yesterday (with the 10x10, 2 stars; as I usually play 12x12 2 stars, but I wanted something easier!). It did take a bit longer but was able to complete. It is a challenge but doable. I prefer with colors though!


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          I only added the "black and white" option since that is the way Star Battle puzzles are traditionally displayed, and I figured there'd be some purists out there who'd prefer it that way. But I agree - colors make pattern recognition much easier IMO.
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