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    Hi, any way to solve this one without the "try and error" approach?
    Doesnt seem possible as there is no pattern whatsoever
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    In the second row, fifth column, the candidates are a 1 and 4. If the 1 is chosen, there will be a chain of eliminations that will lead to the 8 in the fifth row, fifth column being eliminated. That will eliminate both candidates in that box which violates a constraint.

    The 1 in the fifth row, fifth column is eliminated by the 1 that was chosen, and the 8 is eliminated by the 8 in the fifth row, seventh column.

    The big clue here is that there are a lot of rows, columns, and boxes that have only two 1s. That means selecting a 1 somewhere is going to cause a chain reaction which either violates a constraint or is part of the solution. Any 1s that are part of the chain that violates a constraint can be removed.

    I guess this could be called a guess and check move instead of pure deduction, but if the definitions of such things are flexible, maybe not.

    There is a pattern. Many rows, columns and boxes have candidate pairs where if one is eliminated, the other has to be the solution.
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