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  • When you decide to guess...

    I bet that everyone's had one trivia test where they didn't know a single answer. you don't

    want to give up so you decide to guess on every question. the likelihood of getting every

    question right in a 10 question test is in a 1 to 1,048,576 chance. the most likely result is you

    getting 2 or 3 correct answers, I know this because you answer 10 questions and there is a 1

    in 4 chance you get an answer correct and 10/4 = 2.5. Is guessing better

    than 'working out the problem' when both time and correct answers matter?

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    Not when you don't know any of the answers. In that case it is better to guess and hope for a better time bonus. That is why they give you three categories at the beginning so you can choose the category you know best.