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  • Welcome to the new site!

    Welcome to our newest site - please post any questions or comments about Puzzle Baron's Trivia Challenge here.

    You can try it out at:


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    Admin, Cryptograms wants to know why you didn't post under news on our site. Is this still in Beta, or a final version? You know Bansai is going to memorize all these questions in a few weeks and be king of the site.

    I like the feedback options at the end of every quiz, and being able to see the correct answers.


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      Hi Lurker -

      We're doing a soft-launch before we make any big announcements, so we can get user feedback and pick out any lingering bugs that may still be in the system.


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        No bugs yet, and I'm learning new trivia. You came up with very obscure questions!!! We're talking "Final Jeopardy" level for most of them.

        I like that you eliminated the ability to get high scores by googling. The time it takes to find the answers online would pretty much destroy a quiz's score. Just using a calculator on a math quiz took me down a bit.


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          I seem to be blocked from trivia. When I try to load a new game, it says, "Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on boolean". What's going on?