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  • Grid has disappeared

    The grid on my vector puzzle has disappeared and I cannot work out how to get it back. Making playing very difficult when I can't see the squares. Any fixes?

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    Hi, try zooming out. At least, that's how it works in Numbergrids. Good Luck!


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      SippyGurl thank you. It is working ok on the other computer. I'll try zooming next time.


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        I was trying to play some of the bigger grids on vectors and I can't see the whole grid at one time. So I tried zooming to 80%, but that made my grid disappear. I wish there could be a fix for this. I would like to see the whole board at one time


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          Hi, i play in full screen mode for almost all games on this site for your exact reason of being able to see the whole board. dunno about your computer or browser, but it's F11 button that toggles full screen on mine. the whole vector grid just fits in full screen after scrolling down a little. ps while in full screen, using Alt + the left arrow should be the equivalent of the back button on your browser, which i use all the time instead of having to go in and out of full screen. (for instance, you click on a post like this, i have not found a way to get back to the puzzles without going out of full screen, and using the back arrow on the browser, then going back into full screen. just do Alt + left arrow and youre back playing.) Hope that helps, if not, try searching for how to get in and out of full screen, and/or some combination of 'go back to previous screen Alt + left arrow', for your specific computer/browser. if you have a newer computer you can swipe but i dont know about that. Happy playing!

          another ps, if you hit the F12 button accidentally and it opens up some gobbledygook on your screen just x out of it or hit F12 again.
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