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The strange, the bizarre and the unexpected

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  • The strange, the bizarre and the unexpected

    The title of this thread was part of the intro to the Ripley's Believe It or Not TV show that aired in the 80's. If you think a word you found qualifies for this category, feel free to post it here.

    My first entry is a word I found 2 months ago: ANTHROPOPSYCHISM​​​​​​​

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    I just found BROBDINGNAGIAN, for 26 points. I didn't take it, but it was a hard choice. (I've set my sights a little higher this month, at least to start with.) By the way, it doesn't work with an -S.
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      Wow, Spike! That was an amazing find. I'd certainly keep it but I admire your discipline nevertheless. As far as I recall, I never saw or heard the word before. When I was a kid I did read the Classic's Illustrated comic of Gulliver's Travels but don't know if they used the word there or not.

      Edit: I just found PARLIAMENTINGS for 26 pts. I think that fits the criteria for this thread. Oh and I forgot to say I played FUTILITARIANISMS yesterday for 2 records. Thanks amigo.
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        You're welcome for FUTILITARIANISMS. When I first saw it, I added the F- almost as a joke, but was surprised that it worked. (I guess adding an F isn't really futile.)

        A lot of words we get are cobbled together from known parts, but often in ways that we don't expect to work. That's kind of how I see PARLIAMENTINGS. I'd probably never have tried that. Good job!

        I retrospect, I shouldn't have been so surprised that BROBDINGNAGIAN worked. I see LILLIPUTIAN (with the same source) a lot more often. I guess I was more surprised that they put it here. (It was on a board that had been played 44 times, had only one 9+ letter ultra-rare word, and the previously-found longest word was 7 letters.) I look at that as a combination of luck and the fact that my brain is littered with a lifetime of (usually) useless information.

        Anyway, I look forward to seeing other words that show up in this thread.
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          I tried RIVALIZE just to see if it was a word, and it was.....still have no idea why it works, lol.

          Also, just tried SECTORIZE and that also worked...I have come to find out that you never know what the hell will actually work in this game now-a-days XD
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            Originally posted by Razorflame View Post
            I have come to find out that you never know what the hell will actually work in this game now-a-days XD
            Yeah, there's a lot of variety here. If you don't see a word, try something different. haha (Writing that made me recall I played INDIFFERENTS for 22 pts, 2 records recently)

            Anyway, my entry for today's bizarre word I found is IMMISERIZATIONS.


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              PHOTOZINCOGRAPHY (?!) for 27 pts. I figure that qualifies as a Frankenstein word as well.


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                I've found some -ZINC- words before that probably also counts in the Frankenstein category. (I don't remember what they were.) Since then, I've seen -ZINC-, but never managed to do anything good with it. Good job!
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                  The most unexpected thing for me is when I go to click on a game and I see that MY name is listed for longest word record. :-D


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                    I did get UNEXPECTEDNESSES today. I guess that fits here, in a warped way. While it's not that impressive, it serves as a nice introduction to a few other words I've found this morning:


                    These were all guesses, and to me, they were unexpected.


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                      Some impressive finds there Spike! You're a very skilled "guesser."

                      Edit: I just played a board where I couldn't find much of anything. I tried COMMONSENSE, which to my surprise was accepted. (UNCOMMONSENSE was not.) It was only worth 13 pts so I nuked the game.
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