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The Mother Lode

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  • The Mother Lode

    Looking more at what I do when I play, I find that there are parts of the puzzle -- upper right, lower middle, bottom right, etc. -- that contain a lot of words that I happen to see easily and quickly. If I find that spot early and it's a good one with a lot of high-point words in it, I will score well. If I don't see that mother lode, I won't score that well. That's how I can sometimes vary my score by more than 100 points on the same layout. Sometimes I don't find that mother lode, and sometimes I just don't recognize the words that will make it a mother lode. I suspect that players like megaword, fasteddieb, brisul, russdnails, estive. (you know who you are, don't depend on my memory) see mother lodes quickly and see more of them because they know more high-scoring words or see them more quickly. That's not chunking, though.