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Impossible Word Record - Change back?

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  • Impossible Word Record - Change back?

    Wordtwist - Impossible score (2).jpg

    Hi Admin,

    My new record for Longest and Highest Scoring Word seems impossible given the 4x4 board to the right. There's no way the word can be pluralized. Can you adjust it back to the previous record holder? Thanks!
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    that is a curious glitch!


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      Apparently Stephen can manually add words to the "permissible" lists for individual boards (like some of the -NESSES words that weren't accepted while the corresponding -NESS words were). He did that in response to some complaints that certain plurals weren't allowed, and mistakenly added some where they didn't belong. For now, they're just treated like gifts. He said that at some later time he'll run all the boards through the dictionary to get accurate lists & fix the glitch. At least that's my take.


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        Actually, this is a different problem. The accepted word had two letters S in it, but the board has only one S. It seems that the one S was used twice and allowed, both at the start and the end of the same word.


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          I assumed it was the same kind of thing. (Something was added to the permissible list without actually being on the board.) I did run across that not long ago with a -NESSES word. While the word had 4 Ss (with that last -ES), the board had only 3. Anyway, I also assume that the algorithm that decides which of the dictionary words are in a board is well used & probably bulletproof at this point.