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    Nootropic. Great word. Looked it up after your post.

    Creatine and caffeine are on the list.

    Unfortunately, whatever was causing the sudden surge of ability has left the house.

    Yesterday and today have been disasters. My eyes couldn't detect the words... my brain couldn't process whatever the eyes saw... my fingers couldn't find the right keys.

    I dumped about 20 games in a row because they were soooooo bad. I didn't even feel like playing today.

    But, failure and adversity test your resolve, they never in and of themselves defeat you. Mistakes and failures give you opportunities to learn.

    Tomorrow, things will improve.

    I've noticed that my play often rides a rollercoaster of terrifying heights and drops. Just when you think you're at the top of the world, swoosh! You're plunging!

    For me, to play well, demands such a fine line of focused processing that even the slightest mental wobble will throw the car off the track. When it works, it's exhilarating. When not...

    High point accumulation in Wordtwist require the ability to read quickly, to type quickly, and to recognize anagrams and patterns. I'm a slooooooooow reader, a mediocre typist and a feeble anagramist.

    Sort of limits performance. Even with performance enhancers.

    Which have proven to be coincidental rather than causal.

    Maybe, I was simply high on having discovered I wouldn't need any of the 3 threatened surgeries I was potentially facing.

    At least for now.


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      Originally posted by RussDNails View Post
      Yeah, I’m not sure what horror movie he has in mind either…….

      My full name is in fact Russell. When I was a kid my family and friends called me Rusty………once I “grew up” (still not sure if I’m there yet) I decided it sounded dorky and asked people to start calling me Russ.

      My last name starts with D and a former girlfriend starting calling me RussDNails—it just kind of stuck and I thought it made a good screen name…….probably tmi but u asked
      No, not too much. Thanks for sharing!

      There used to be a show I liked 'Grace Under Fire' and the pharmacist friend of hers (Grace) was named Russell & his dad called him Rusty.


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        So I looked it up and still can't find any references to the horror movie (yeah, it wasn't very good, but still). I did discover that there was a clown named Rusty Nails, and that he was the inspiration for the Simpson's "Krusty the Clown". I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

        Further memories of the horror movie: The Rusty Nails character DID have a toolbox with the name "Rusty" on it. In the movie, he was a hitchhiker (I told you, every trope that could be troped, and I wasn't kidding). The bad guy was supposedly sent through a car crusher -- or WAS he? The more I remember about the movie, the more it seems that it should have been on the rotten tomatoes list, because it was the perfect self-parody. But the name itself was pretty memorable, so I remembered it.


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          Dude, you're on thin ice! First I'm a cheater, then a horror movie character and now a clown

          I hate to see what you come up with next


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            Originally posted by RussDNails View Post
            Just out of curiosity, why did you decide I’m the chosen one???
            Maybe its your wall of records? ... You're a pretty fantastic WordTwister.

            This is just my speculation ... bwt1213 is still thinking ...


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              There comes a point, when you've dug yourself into a hole, to just stop digging.