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Uncorrected error in Puzzle #32648278

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  • Uncorrected error in Puzzle #32648278

    Please fix the error in Acrostic Puzzle #32648278, clue G! The clue is "hyph." (nothing else) and the answer is "kielbasy." Kielbasy is a variant of "kielbasa," which is not hyphenated. It is also the name of a village in Poland, which in Polish is transcribed with a special character that we do not have in English. The character is a straight line like a lowercase "L" with a diagonal bar through it. This was possibly confused with a hyphen by somebody. This clue-answer pair is very unfair to solvers. It has been commented on four times, beginning in 2017. Please fix it!

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    There are dozens and dozens of errors scattered through the puzzles, many of which were first commented on years ago and never corrected. You’re fighting a losing cause.


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      I know. I've also used the "Contact us" link to ask a question or point out an error and never gotten a response—except once, when I asked how I could pay for a subscription without using Paypal. THAT got a response. I have seen Admin answer a question posted on the Forum, rarely, so I occasionally try again. I don't know if he's arrogant, overwhelmed, or what, but it's something he should change.


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        By the way, I love the name Patience Crabstick! Wish I'd thought of it.